Thursday, 20 February 2014

February in the Garden

Only a few more weekends until the open garden and the garden is looking great with lots of flowers and colourful foliage.  Last weekend we had a wet weekend here in northwest Sydney, the first wet weekend in a long time.  As it was not a good weekend for gardening, I took a lot of photos instead.  

The Lower Garden

 This is what the new glass pool fence looked like back in September........
.........this is what it looks like now. 
 Brugmansia Sister Bertrille
Brugmansia Domain

Hibiscus Raspberry Swirl
 Growing in the garden along the right hand side are.......
Brugmansia Frosty Pink
Calliandra Pink Poodle
Justicia betonica
 Hibiscus Pysche
Abutilon thompsonii
Growing in the garden along the left hand side are.......  


Odontonema cuspidatum
Mussaenda luteola
Tabernaemontana divartica
Plumeria pudica Pink
Pentas lanceolata white
Mussaenda Capricorn Ice
Plumeria Darwin Blood provides shade for the garden seat below.
 Crotons love growing along the top of the wall.  This one is behind the garden seat.
Mussaenda Dona Luz 
Mussaenda Calcutta Sunset


The Pavilion Garden

A Croton is growing at the top of the steps leading up into the Pavilion Garden.
 Ruellia elegans Rosea flowers for most of the year here.
A different form of Justicia carnea with very light pink flowers and soft hairy leaves.
Growing along the pathway to the Pavilion are..... 
 Ixora Sunkist and the native Pepperomia tetraphylla
One of my older taller Crotons with Cordyline Tanget behind it. 
 A couple of Pseuderanthemums, a Graptophyllum with its apricot and green leaves and Wrightia  antidysenterica with its white flowers.
 Codiaeum Captain Kid.....

.......with a brightly coloured Coleus growing underneath it.
 Coleus Solar Eclipse a new addition to my garden
Another one of my older taller Crotons.

A new release Croton with unusual colouring

Some of the views from the Pavilion......
A group of 4 Graptophyllums growing next to the Pavilion.  Ixora coccinea Apricot Delight with its apricot flowers is behind them.
Tacca integrifolia

A statue of Saraswati surrounded by tropical plants, I love to sit under the Pavilion and looking out onto this garden. 

Growing in this garden next are.........

One of the many Crotons growing in this garden.

Pseuderanthemum atropurpureum

One of my older smaller growing Crotons.

Graptophyllum pictum

A bright red oak leaf Croton

Justicia carnea Alba with its stunning white flowers is happy growing in the shade here.

Crossandra infundibuliformis - now that is a mouthful of a name.  I have 3 of these growing in the back garden and this one flowers the most.  I did move one of the others and it will be interesting to see if it flowers more often.
 Pavonia x gledhillii with its unusual flowers.  The Pavonia comes in and out of flower all year and the flowers last a long time. 
Justicia nodosa

The Pool Garden

There have been changes made to the garden along the back fence, plants have been removed and some new ones added.

Two colourful Acalyphas now brighten up the garden behind the pool.  I was able to buy these two as larger plants and they have almost tripled in size in the last 3 months.  I love these colours and the way they do brighten up the garden.  Growing on their left an Acalypha hispida with its long red tassel like flowers. 

There are more Acalypas planted along this fence, they are only small now but I am looking forward to weeing their colourful leaves behind the pool.

A lemon Russelia equisetiformis with a coral one behind it, on one side of the waterfall.

Some of the plants growing along the wall are.....

Pedilanthus tithymaloides........

.......and some of the larger Crotons

.......and some of the larger Crotons

 There are a few more smaller Crotons planted along here now as they seem to love this section of the garden.

........under the shade of 2 large Frangipanis

These are a couple of the plants in the higher section of the Pool Garden........

Strobilanthes dyerianus with its iridescent purple colouring

An orange Vireya