Thursday, 18 July 2013

Roma Street Parkland

Earlier this month we went up to the Qld Garden Expo in Nambour and on the way back home we stopped to have a look at the Roma Street Parkland in Brisbane.  It is a great place to visit if you on holidays in Brisbane.

This small garden is in the car park before the entry to the garden.

............and just around the corner is a group planting of Cordyline fruticosas.

Cordyline fruticosa 'Miss Andrea'  mass planted.

Pachystachys lutea with its stunning gold bracts and white flowers.


Cordylines and Heliconia 'Red Christmas', the large rocks really do look good there.

A little bit further on.......... Cordylines and ferns fill in the spaces between the large rocks.

In some ways this waterfall it looked a bit untidy within the surrounding manicured gardens. Yet it made me stop to have a good and take a photo; I liked it as it has a more natural look.

A boardwalk across the water, it would be great to have one in the garden but I think it would be a lot of work.

A couple of my favourite foliage plants - Pseuderanthemum carthersii Variegatga on the left and Graptophyllum pictum Aurea Marginata on the right.

An area of the garden has been renamed in memory of Colin Campbell.

The large pots filled with Impatiens look pretty amazing in the middle of this stream, not sure how you would go about maintaining them - a high pair of gumboots?
The photo below was taken from the bridge in this photo.

........and looking back out over the stream from the bridge (in the photo above) is a stunning view of a part of the garden. 

Different coloured Kalanchoes planted to form an interesting pattern.

This would have to be my favourite Coleus; the red colouring on the leaf edge looks spectacular.

The stepping stones have been carefully placed so that you can walk across this shallow pond of water.  Near the edge of the paved area are large pots filled with the dark form of Ipomea batatus. 

From the middle of the shallow pond you can see the water cascading down over a series of steps from high above. Wire baskets filled with ferns are hanging from the high sides of the waterfall.


.........and the view from the top of waterfall shows how the stepping stones have been placed across the shallow pond


A zigzag hedge with annuals planted on either side.

Two of my favourite plants for year round colour in the garden, Graptophyllum pictum Aurea Marginata and Codiaeum variegatum.

A collection of Bromeliads beautifully displayed under shadecloth, the large river pebbles add that something extra; giving the area a more natural look.

The Vrieseas, Cordylines and ferns add lots of colour to this area.

 The bottom of the ponds are covered with small river pebbles.  I love the look and sound of the water gushing back down into the pond.

Pyrostgia venusta with its bright orange flowers looks fantastic behind the purple flowers.  The  combination of colour, texture and form here is picture perfect. 

A view looking through the garden showing the superb use of texture, colour and form.


  1. It's such a fantastic space! I try to visit it as often as possible when I go down south to Brissie. There are just so many fantastic areas in this park. Great photos.

  2. We didn't get to see it all as we ran out of time, so we will go back again next year.