Lower Garden


The garden along the wall
Radermachera Kunming on the left with  Sanchezia speciosa behind it.
On the left side is Odontonema cuspidatum with its bright red flowers and in the bottom of the photo is Justicia brandegeeana 'Fruit Cocktail'.

Plumeria pudica Pink is growing in a pot on the left and a large red flowered Frangipani hangs out over the seat.  Growing beneath the Frangipani are a white flowered Pentas, Mussaenda 'Capricorn Ice' and Crotons.

Strolianthes dyerianus with its iridescent

The lower garden

We had a problem with the lawn and garden around the birdbath.  The soil became too wet, killing off the lawn and making plants drop their leaves. 


 Looking back along the lower garden from the pool area. The Brugmansia in flower is 'Pink Panther'.


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