Thursday, 29 May 2014

Angel's Trumpets in Autumn


Some of the Brugmansias in my front garden.  Bruce's Pink in the front with Aztec Gold behind it and Maya at the back.  Brugmansias are at their best in Autumn (Fall) as the flowers are deeper in colour.  While the Brugmansias are still beautiful during our hot summers the flowers are paler in colour.  
 Adele Essex



Aztec Gold
Bengal Tiger 

 Bruce's Pink
 A close up photo of Bruce's Pink flowers.  

A close up photo of Clementine flowers.
 Dizzy Spin

 A close up photo of Dizzy Spin flowers.


A close up photo of Domain flowers.

Frosty Pink
 Golden Butter


 Meroo Pink

Old Apricot
Pink Panther
A close up photo of Pink Panther flowers.



Polar Cornet
 A close up photo of Polar Cornet flowers.


Sacred Sunset
 Sister Bertrille

A close up photo of Zabaglione before the flowers started to darken.

If you are interested in Brugmansias, here are some links to Australian Brugmansias.
A Facebook page for those who love Brugmansias and are growing them in Australia.
Brugmansias in Australia 
A site to buy, swap and sell Brugmansia plants and seeds.

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