Saturday, 25 January 2014

Flowering in January

The Pavilion Garden

Growing close to the house in the garden on the left side are.......

Tabernaemontana divartica 'Flore Pleno'

Justicia brandegeeana Yellow Queen

Ruellia elegans

Growing further along in the garden on the left side are.......

Ixora Tropic Blush

Plumeria Lemon Drop

Hamelia patens

Wrightia antidysenterica

Ruellia dipteracanthus


Porphyrocoma pohliana
Growing in the garden on the right side are.......

Pachystachys lutea

Plectranthus saccatus

 Tabernaemontana divartica Gold Sparkle

Growing in the garden beside the pavilion are......

 Brugmansia Old Apricot

Crossandra infundibulbiformis

Pavonia x gledhillii
Very unusual flowers on this plant, it's common name is Shooting Stars

Tabernaemontana divartica variegated
The large leaves on this one fade to a green and white colour

Justicia nodosa

Growing in the Pool Garden the Ixoras add splashes of colour along the pathway in the higher section of the garden

Coral Fire

Gold Fire

 Prince of Orange


Brugmansia Poison

This Frangipani was grown from a cutting taken from a large tree in my husband's grandmother's garden.

This Frangipani was grown from a cutting taken from my brother's garden in Coffs Harbour. 



  1. Love your range of Ixoras, but what caught my eye today are your varieties of Tabernaemontana. They are quite lovely. You've got such a lot of beautiful blooms on show at the moment.

  2. Not all of the Ixoras are flowering now. The Tabernaemontana divarticas are gorgeous and they are scented at night.