Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Flowering in January

In the Front Garden the Frangipanis are flowering beautifully........

 Bush Rainbow

 Darwin Yellow
As most of these Frangipanis were leaning over and blocking the pathways, we decided to straighten them to clear the pathway and not have them broken as people walked past. To do this, we had to dig deep around one side of the roots cutting through very thick roots.  We then lifted one side and very carefully filled the hole under the plant on that side with soil.
Kasey Jordan
Plumeria obtusa Darwin Petite Pink

 This is miniature one has been growing here for many years. It is now just over 1.2m (4') high  and it is now over 1.5m (5') wide.


 Plumeria obtusa


Plumeria pudica

and the Brugmansias are in flower........

Looking into the Front Garden with the Brugmansias in flower.  One of the hand rails for the wooden bridge can just be seen.



Bruce's Pink with Aztec Gold on the right side

Galphimia gracilis


Angelonia angustifolia



 The Pentas lanceolata are back in full flower after the hard pruning in spring.......

Brillantaisia subulgurica 

and some of the Hibiscus in flower.......


Patricia Noble




and in the lower back garden........

Darwin Blood

Even though this one was bought as Lulu, it isn't.  I am trying to find out the name from the place I bought if from.

Plumeria pudica Pink

Brugmansia Lipstick

Brugmansia Manchausen's Pink

The miniature Hibiscus growing in pots are in flower.......

Adonicus Pink


Raspberry Swirl
This one has just been planted into the garden


Wild Cherry

Growing in a corner garden near the house are......

Radermachera Kunming

Odontonema cuspidatum

 Justicia brandegeeana Fruit Cocktail
Growing along the retaining wall behind are......

Mussaenda luteola
Even though this is not as showy as the other Mussaendas, I love its simplicity and the yellow flowers with raised mid veins.  It flowers for over 8 months here.

Tabernaemontana divartica
These beautiful flowers are scented at night and a faint scent is still there in the mornings.  The flowers are very simple with a  crepe like texture to them and it flowers for over 6 months here. 
and growing further along the wall...... 
Mussaenda Capricorn Ice

Mussaenda Queen Sirikit

Mussaenda Dona Luz
Growing in the corner near next to the pool fence are......

Dalechampia aristolochiaefolia
I love the centre of this flower.

Schaueria flavicoma
Growing in the garden opposite are........
Brugmansia Frosty Pink

Brugmansia Sister Bertrille
Justica betonica



Abutilon thompsonii

Angelonia angustifolia Purple flowers


  1. Beautiful photos. May favourites are the Darwin Blood, and white mussaenda. Do you mind me asking what type of camera you are using? Time for me to upgrade from the phone. Thanks.

  2. My camera is a Nikon DSLR 3200, It takes a very large file size photo and I reduce the file size down for my blog so that it doesn't take up too much internet usage. My problem is that I love them all. We have a lot of Frangipanis in pots here, just waiting for them to get bigger so that they won't get lost in the garden when planted.

  3. Who needs a garden centre website when I have your blog, there are some beautiful plants and flowers here, hopefully will get to see it in person soon.

  4. Wow, what a feast for the eyes. I've been scrolling up and down, up and down enjoying all the great photos. The range of Hibiscus, Frangipani and Brugmansia is fabulous. I just loved the Justicias as well.

    1. Hi Bernie, I have two very bad habits, one is buying the tropical plants and the other is taking lots of photos of them. I enjoyed reading your comments. Thank you.