Sunday, 31 August 2014


Acalyphas or Fijian Fire Plants are a favourite plant of mine.  They love the summer heat and they don't mind drier soils.  I love their varying leaf shapes, their combination of colours and their different leaf patterns.

The same one 1 month later and it is about 3 times the height now

I have quite a few Acalyphas planted along the back fence in the pool area.  Many of these have been moved from other parts of the garden and they were moved last spring and summer.  It will take them a while to fully settle in and grow, so I am looking forward to this spring and summer when they should take off and start growing.



Acalypha Raggedy Anne and I will move this one in spring as it is not getting enough sun to keep its red colouring

In summer they are more subdued in colour.....

.....and in autumn they become more vibrant in colour

Brugmansia Frosty Pink is in flower, the pink flowers bring out the pink colouring in the Acalypha.  
A couple of new ones for my garden, these will be planted into the garden in Spring
Some Acalyphas in Bundaberg Botanical Garden.  I would have loved some cutting of these but all I could do was just look at them as it is illegal to take cuttings in Botanic or Botanical Gardens.