Sunday, 10 August 2014

August in the garden

A couple of the Hibiscus growing in the garden on the nature strip.

In the Front Garden 
 Brugmansia Aurea
 Brugmansia Maya
 Hibiscus Patricia Noble is a pale orange colour during the warmer months of the year.

 Hibiscus Rosalind is looking very different during the cold in winter.
 Abutilon Thompsonii

My crotons are still looking beautiful, even though we have had a lot more frosts this winter.


In the Lower Garden

 Brugmansia Domain
 Malvaviscus aroboreus var. mexicanus
 Justicia brandegeeana

Brugmansia Lipstick in her pale winter colour and a close up photo below.  I am very surprised that this one is in flower as the glass pool fence next to this one has had ice on it this winter.

 In the Pavilion garden

Brugmansia Meroo Pink in her pale winter colour.

Codiaeum Captain Kid


Justicia aurea 
Brugmansia Avalanche flowering in the pool area.